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The Long Term Benefits of Regular Dental Visits

Team General Dentistry, Oral Health

You take good care of your teeth, you don't smoke, and you don't go overboard with sugary foods. Do you really need to see the dentist again this year for yet another cleaning? If it's been six months, yes. Regular dental visits are a key part of keeping your teeth and body as a whole in a healthy state. Regular care offers several long-term benefits, and considering how easy dental care can be, it's a pretty good return on your investment.

Your Teeth Look Better

If you see the dentist regularly, your teeth will look better. Not only will they look cleaner, of course, but those dental cleanings can remove at least some discoloration. Plaque can contribute to the overall dullness and yellowing of teeth, so regularly removing that plaque leads to a brighter smile.

If you have craze lines forming or other cosmetic issues on your teeth, the dentist or prosthodontist can discuss options with you to restore your teeth.

Your Gums Stay Healthier

Regular cleanings also help keep gum disease in check. So, both your gums and your general smile look better because you're taking an important step toward preventing gum disease and reddened bleeding gums.

Gum disease can lead to receding gums, infection, and a host of other terrible side effects over time. You can prevent all these through good oral care and regular dental visits.There is also vast scientific evidence that links periodontal health to heart disease.

Your Dental Work Remains Easier

The more problems you have with your teeth and gums, the more complicated your dental care becomes. Bigger cavities take longer to fill than small cavities, for example, and other issues left unchecked can grow into lifelong problems. When you see your dentist every six months, that lets the dentist catch problems when they're small and much simpler to solve.

Your Overall Health Stays Better

Your dental health may say something about your long-term heart health. Studies have found a correlation (not necessarily specific causation) between bad oral health, particularly periodontitis, and bad heart health. Researchers don't know if something in the bacteria associated with gum disease affects your heart, or if the fact that you didn't care for your teeth means you didn't care for your overall health, but there does seem to be a connection somewhere. Regular dental visits at least take care of the bacteria that can create such problems for your gums.


Your dental health and dental care have a point: It keeps you healthy and makes it easier for you to handle issues that occur, from stains to cavities to gum disease. While going to the dentist so often may seem pointless to you, it's not at all. Regular dental visits are an essential part of ensuring that your body remains as healthy as it can be for as long as it can. Letting that go by not going to the dentist can lead to long-term problems. If cost is a concern, look for payment plans, student dentists, and community clinics to ensure you can still see someone twice a year.

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