Patient Testimonials

After having the same dentist for 20 years, Dana was looking for a practice that offered top quality and receptive personalities.

Being an apprehensive patient, Kim needed to find a dentist who could provide a calming environment and exceptional customer service.

Lee found the services offered to be a great combination of artistry and technology. She also felt the staff was attentive and reputable.

Len felt this office stood out due to the congeniality of the team, the atmosphere and the experience of the dental group.

Long time patient, Carolina, sees this practice as caring about making a positive impact on the way she looks and her overall confidence.

Anna found the doctor was willing to explain every detail of the process and offer positive assurance in the outcome.

Dr. Abramovitz was able to explain the aesthetics and economics to help Jack understand the best solution for his extensive work.

Concerned about dealing with the older fillings in her teeth, Dr. Abramovitz eased Norma’s mind, with his supportive and professional expertise.