Metrowest Prosthodontics is committed to continuing to operate for patients with dental emergencies and essential needs during this time. If you have a dental emergency, we offer the option of a phone call or a virtual consult with one of our providers.  Please contact the office at 508-620-6622 and we will make the appropriate arrangements to see you.

Our goal is to avoid patients with dental emergencies from going to the Emergency room at local hospitals and placing themselves at risk from being in contact with other patients who may be sick. During this time we will be treating patients with dental emergencies and urgent problems. 

Elective and non urgent procedures will resume at a time when it is safe to do so.

Urgent Dental Care

  • Abscess, or localized bacterial infection resulting in localized pain and swelling
  • Fallen temporary crowns/bridges.
  • Tooth fracture resulting in pain or causing soft tissue trauma
  • Dental trauma with loss of tooth or loosening of teeth
  • Dental treatment required prior to critical medical procedures
  • Biopsy deemed urgent
  • Root canal treatment for a tooth that can be saved

Dental Emergencies

  • Anyone with pain or swelling in the mouth or face. 
  • Trauma involving facial bones or teeth.

We follow Universal Precautions and are taking additional measures during this COVID-19 crisis.  

If you have a dental emergency, please follow the prompts for Teledentistry to schedule a virtual consult or give the office a call at 508-620-6622 and follow the instructions provided. Your call will be returned as soon as possible.

During office hours, immediate attention will be given to your situation, and you will be seen as soon as possible.  After office hours, please give the office a call and follow the instructions provided.  Your call will be returned as soon as possible. If you are experiencing a serious or life threatening emergency, please call 911 or visit the nearest emergency room.

Frequently Asked Questions About Dental Emergencies

Can you glue a broken crown?

It’s not a good idea to attempt to repair a broken crown by gluing it yourself. You can damage your crown or your tooth, which means a new crown will need to be fabricated. Instead, call our office and we will schedule an appointment for you and provide you with instructions to help you protect your remaining tooth structure in the meantime. In most cases, we can bond your original crown back in place as long as it and your tooth have not suffered any damage.

Is a loose dental implant an emergency?

Yes, loose dental implants are an emergency that requires prompt treatment. The sooner you come to our office, the better our chances of being able to save the compromised implant. Note that sometimes you may feel like your dental implant is loose, but it’s actually the restoration attached to the implant that is loose, not the implant itself. If this occurs, it’s good news—you only need to come to our office for a brief visit in order to have the restoration tightened and your dental implant is not compromised.

Can failed dental implants be replaced?

If your dental implant has failed and either falls out on its own or requires removal, we will not replace it right away. Instead, we’ll allow some time for your bone and soft tissues to heal. After this, we’ll determine whether a new implant should and can be placed. In most cases, a new dental implant can be implanted successfully even after implant failure.

Can a broken bridge be repaired?

Yes, if your dental bridge breaks, we may be able to repair it. Depending on where the bridge broke and how significant the damage is, dental bonding can be used to put it back together. This may not be a permanent fix, though, and you may need to plan for a new dental bridge soon.

Is a broken denture an emergency?

We don’t consider broken dentures an emergency that requires same-day treatment, but we will provide prompt care because we understand the importance of having functional dentures. Call our office and we will arrange to see you as soon as we can.

Can a knocked out tooth be put back in?

Yes, knocked out teeth can be put back into the socket and successfully reattached, assuming swift action is taken. Call our office right away if you have knocked out a tooth and we will walk you through step-by-step instructions. Once your tooth is reinserted into the socket, we use dental splints to hold it in place. This gives your gums the opportunity to reattach securely. While you will need a root canal eventually, your original tooth will be saved.