Post COVID-19 Dental Care Protocol and Policy

Dear Patient,

At METROWEST PROSTHODONTICS, we understand the fear and apprehension that people might be feeling while navigating their doctor and dentist appointments while maintaining their health and safety.

We created this page to help you understand the steps and protocols we have implemented to protect our patients, staff, and providers.

As you know, patient and staff safety has always been at the top of our priorities, and we have always adhered to the strictest infection control protocol with the latest equipment and techniques.

We encourage you to tour our state of the art sterilization area, where we use the latest technology and equipment to ensure proper infection control and sterilization is achieved.

We want you to feel COMFORTABLE and SAFE before you enter our office and until your appointment is completed. Some of these policies may change as we monitor the situation in the upcoming days and weeks.

  • We are screening all patients before their appointments via telephone, email or text message. Any patient who has symptoms of fever, cough, and shortness of breath will be rescheduled.
  • Upon arrival to the office, there will be hand sanitizer available. Patients will be prompted to use it as soon as they enter the office. Please come to your appointment wearing a mask.
  • We will check your temperature with a touchless forehead scan thermometer, and you will be asked to complete a Patient Screening Form.
  • We have added more time between patients to allow us to perform additional infection control procedures as outlined by the CDC as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. All waiting room chairs and surfaces will be wiped and thoroughly cleaned 3 times a day, as well.
  • We have adapted our waiting area to accommodate for the “social distancing” requirements. You will see that the magazines and coffee machine have been removed until it is safe to use them again.
  • In order to minimize the amount of people in the office, we ask that you do not bring a companion with you to your appointment. If you require one, they will be subject to the same screening as you. No companion is allowed in the dental operatory at this time.
  • In the operatory, you will be given a hydrogen peroxide rinse.
  • All of our providers will be wearing a level 3 mask and face shield or an N95 mask. Why level 3 mask instead of N95? The size of a single Covid-19 virus is 70-90 nm; the virus does not exist individually but in droplets or aerosols >0.3 nm, which can be efficiently trapped by a level 2 or 3 mask and the face shield.
  • Our prescreening protocol applies to all our providers as well. All providers will need to let Dr. Abramovitz or Barbara, our office manager, know the night before, if they have any change in their medical state. Upon arrival to the office, all providers and personnel will be required to take their temperature.
  • Upon arrival to the office, all providers and staff are required to change their apparel to scrubs and gowns. All scrubs and gowns will be washed daily. All providers will change into their street clothes before leaving the office.
  • All staff and providers are required to wash their hands upon entry to the practice.
  • All providers are required to wash their hands and/or use hand sanitizer as soon as they enter the treatment room. All providers and staff are required to wear a mask when addressing each other or patients, unless the 6 feet of “social distancing” can be maintained.
  • All staff and providers are required to adhere to standard precautions regarding hand hygiene, use of PPE (personal protective equipment), sterilizing instruments and devices, as well as cleaning and disinfecting environmental surfaces as recommended by the CDC.
  • The use of “Teledentistry” is encouraged. Please check our website for more details. We have made this feature easy to use and it is highly secure.

    Metrowest Prosthodontics has always cared for the wellbeing of our patients, whether by using the “latest and greatest” technology and treatment options and materials, or simply by offering a smile. We care for the dental and emotional health of our patients.

    Feel free to call us with any questions or concerns at 508-620-6622.

    Dr.Abramovitz and the rest of the Metrowest Prosthodontics family